The Most Painful Exhibitor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most people lament at the ineffectiveness of participating in tradeshow events, simply because they have never managed to gather any worthwhile fruits from them. But it should be known that success with your exhibition is not rocket science and just as other businesses are succeeding, you are also able to get similar, if not better results. If you have been performing poorly at such events, here are some of the painful mistakes that could probably be sabotaging your success:

Failing to plan ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you can’t make the right preparations in terms of your audience research, booth design and display, investing in the right staff, and just doing everything necessary to ensure you are all set for the event, you can’t expect success to just come your way. Improve your planning and you will see your results from tradeshows improve significantly.

Disorganized show information

It is vital to have a checklist to help you ensure that you are properly organized during the event. The show visitors should not second guess what your booth is all about and you should also be well equipped with the necessary information when they make a stop at your stand. If you fail to achieve these fundamentals at your stand, your displays will never be successful.

Understaffing your booth

The last thing you should entertain at your booth is to have attendees wait to be attended to, simply because every staff member at your booth is occupied. People don’t have a lot of patience these days and they will most certainly walk away if no one is tending to them. Make the right choice when it comes to the number of your booth staff and ideally, this should be determined by the size of your booth. The bigger the booth, the more attendees it can hold and the larger the amount of staff is needed to manage it. If some mild wait time occurs, make sure there is something for those who are waiting to read, explore or participate in.