Questions You Should Ask To Your Power Washing Company

As a house owner or building manager, it is your responsibility to keep the property clean and tidy. In this case, the outdoor spaces become too hard to clean and maintain. They gather too much dust and keeping all the areas clean can avoid safety hazards. Thus it is recommended to hire a professional power washing company who will get all the areas cleaned and dusted properly. But there are some things that you should never forget to ask your service provider before you hire them.

Questions to Ask Your Power Washing Company

Before hiring a power washing service provider, there are some important questions that you must never forget to ask as it can cause confusions and problems later.

  • The first and foremost question to ask is that whether the company is certified and bonded. Although it is not of much importance, but still it shows competence and dedication. A certified company will always have trained and skilled professions on whom you can rely. They will try to provide you the best power washing service, and they also keep up with the latest industry trends.
  • It is very important to have a conversation on what time will they provide their service so that the residents and tenants aren’t disturbed. Talk to them about this and fix a suitable time on which the cleaning operation has to be done.

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  • Know that whether the company outsources for the service or not. Mostly the companies who outsource do not provide top quality work. Talk to the company if they hire someone for their service or they have their own team of professionals who will operate at your property.
  • It is very important to know that which type of chemicals are used by the power washing company. There are many cleaning companies that use toxic chemicals to save money and for faster cleaning. Make sure that the company you are hiring uses only environment friendly detergents and entirely free from phosphates. A biodegradable detergent will not harm the environment and will also not create suffocation for the tenants.
  • Make sure your power washing company reclaims waste water that enters the surface water or storm sewer. This waste water then makes its way to our nearby streams, lakes and rivers and that later gets merged with out drinking water. So to avoid potential liability, ensure that the company reclaims waste water treatment.
  • You need to be sure that the power washing company is providing you a 100 percent guarantee. There are many companies who claim not to take a single penny if the service provided is not satisfying. A job like power washing requires this type of guarantee for top quality services. If you are not happy with the service provided, you do not need to pay.

You need to tell your service provider every single thing that you require. When you keep all these things in mind and clear all your doubts before you hire them, the power washing process will go quite smoothly.

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