Puerto Rico Entrepreneur Neil Billock Continues to Grow His Business

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – A name synonymous with digital advertising would be the one of Neil Billock. He has moved away from the mainland United States and currently hangs his hat up at his new residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is a beautiful place if you have not ever been there. Neil, has recently posted a few press releases of his new consultant service in Puerto Rico.  

Technology has given people the ability to work from wherever they would like. Communication was quite the obstacle before email and video chat. Now, you can work from any room, in any house, anywhere in the world. So, why not live in a great area on a beautiful island? This is how Neil Billock sees it. Puerto Rico has a booming economy that needs insight in digital marketing. However, most of Neil’s clients will be based out of the continental United States.

Billock worked at Vertical Direct Marketing Group, VDMG , and gained a plethora of knowledge while he was there. He has helped many smaller companies, and mid sized companies, to expand their business and a great ROI using digital marketing. Billock has a vast knowledge of direct marketing techniques, and how to create brand recognition based off the clients needs. This is a very profitable channel of marketing that most larger companies do not pursue as largely as they do traditional methods like television, billboards, or radio. They have deeper pockets and feel they make enough impact using these techniques mostly. They do work, but are not feasible to a smaller business on a budget.

With Puerto Rico as his headquarters, he feels that there is a ton of opportunity to succeed. There are not many American companies on the island, so he sees this as a great chance to extend the wealth of direct marketing to the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico is a member of the United States territories. So, this helps with all the red tape involving overseas business. Billock sees the open field of opportunity widened as he see the lack in awareness in Americans of the huge potential that the Puerto Rican market has to offer. The cost of living is reasonable, and the economy is growing rapidly!

Neil Billock knows the future of digital marketing and you will be seeing his name more often  in the future. As Puerto Rico grows, so will the age of digital marketing.

Marketing Expert Neil Billock: Puerto Rico Helps Your American Business With Digital


When most large companies look at advertising, all they see are the million dollar commercials during the big game or a full spread ad in the current top magazines. Some do explore small avenues of advertising, but they feel like if it is a smaller avenue, then the return of investment must be small as well. This is not the case and Neil Billock wants to show the world what he knows about Puerto Rico in the digital marketing era.

Billock has made a name for himself here in the states. He has over fifteen years of experience under his belt, and he has worked with some of the brightest minds in the business. He started his career with Vertical Direct Marketing Group, or VDGM as you’ve probably heard it called. Since then he has been with various marketing companies where he got to see many different aspects of the business from other systems designed off of the basic principles of digital marketing.

One thing Billock brings to the table is his attention for detail with the customer. When he is designing a campaign, he has a passion for each individual plan. The design is based off what would benefit the customer and their goals. This may be the reason for the huge reflux of repeat customers that keep coming back to Billock time and again. The economic future of Puerto Rico is on the rise. American companies can turn to Puerto Rico as another option to build product recognition, this is Billock's specialty by the way. He has a talent for branding a product and making sure it is the image that you are looking to create.

With the millions of tourists that flock to the island every year, it is easy for smaller businesses to flourish instead of being swallowed up by big businesses. Billock is our eyes and ears to the public of the islands. Him living there has opened the doors for Americans to expand their marketing offshore but without all the hassle of international regulations, due to Puerto Rico being a part of the United States territories.

Everyone deserves the best opportunities when they are trying to run a successful business. Billock is working hard to give Americans more chances to succeed. San Juan is a great place to show off how digital marketing will do a lot of the work for you when it is designed around your needs.