Pros and Cons of Working in a BPO

The first and the foremost thing that one should know is what exactly a BPO means. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which involves giving the responsibilities to a third party service provider. This will take care of the operations such as payroll, human resources or accounting on contract basis.

BPO is divided into two categories – back office outsourcing and front office outsourcing. Back office outsourcing includes internal business functions such as billing or purchasing,while front office outsourcing deals with customer-related services such as marketing or tech support. BPO is an evergreen market and one can check for latest BPO jobs across a city just by sitting at home with ease.

Pros of Working in BPO:

  • BPOs provide excellent salary packages as compared to the other industries.So,one can make good money working here and that too in a short period of time.
  • There’s no need to be too good in terms of technical knowledge. One can join a BPO after completing his graduation. So, wastage of valuable time is not there in this field.
  • One of the most important things in BPO is that you can improve your communication skills to a great extent. BPO companies run Personality Development Programmers along with regular product and voice training to their employees free of cost.
  • If you are working as a fresher, you can gain knowledge in insurance, finance, accounting, telecom, auto, computer hardware etc. and at the same time gain experience also in the respective field.
  • Flexible shift is one more advantage of BPOs. There is always something available for someone whether it may be morning, normal or late night shift.
  • After gaining experience in a BPO, you can apply for a Visa to a foreign country as you would already be familiar with their culture. So, it will be easy to cope up with the culture there.

Cons of Working in BPO:

  • Most of the BPOs in our country support overseas companies and for that one has to work according to their shift timings,which are usually night shifts. There are many BPOs, which support Indian companies and work accordingly. As a whole, Indian BPO jobs mostly have odd hours, which is also known as US or UK shifts.
  • Health problems such as sleep disorders, heart disease, eyesight problems and depression are some the major issues faced by people working in BPOs. People gain weight as most of the time they work sitting in their cubicle.
  • During the conversation, most of the foreign customers get to know by the accent that their call has landed in India and they speak very rudely and at times they even use slangs. As the call gets recorded,the BPO agent cannot do the same.
  • BPO jobs are very stressful.After working for few months or even less than a year, people quit the job and join some other firms even for less salary.