Personalized Wine Labels – Learn About Their Many Benefits

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Wine can be one of the best gifts that one can give. To make your gift all the more special for you loved one, you can even personalize it. There are many print houses that offer facility to give personal touch to a wine. Besides the precious smile and happiness that your gift brings in the life of the receiver, there are several advantages of personalized wine labels.

Features of print house services

Tallin is one of the known places to get assistance of reliable print houses. These Trükikoda Tallinnas offer easy to use tools to add personalization to your wine bottle. Some of the features that you are going to obtain from their services are.

  • Unique, and customized bottle
  • A facility to add your chosen image to the label
  • Inclusion of a personalized sweet message
  • Pre-made designs to assist in getting started quickly

Ways to create your own personalized wine labels

There are two methods by which you can make your own creative wine labels.

Order Customized Wine Labels

This method offers a lot of advantages in the form of an extensive collection of label designs, professional expertise, and high-quality labels at a very reasonable price.

Printing Your Own Personalized Wine Labels

This option lets you print your own designed wine labels with the help of a laser and an inkjet printer. There are print houses that use remarkable printing software. This software helps one in printing their own labels using a wide range of templates and designs. If you are looking for a fastest and affordable solution to get customized wine labels, then this is the best method.

Types of Theme for Your Wine Label

There are four basic kinds of wine label designs available for people to get inspired and create an impressive design. These themes act as a template that is expanded to add a personalized message to it.

  • Classic: This theme is perfect for traditional, elegant, prestige, dignified and regal representation.
  • Fun and Silly: If you are desiring to bring about a casual, valuing and laid back personal experience, then this will be the perfect theme for you. These labels are hand drawn, and whimsical, with inclusion of animals.
  • Modern: If you are looking for state of the art, worldly, visionary and advanced style then you may go for modern design.
  • Old Timey: As the name suggests, this theme is ideal for people who are conservative in their thoughts. This wine label theme includes handmade design that honors the past. Natural materials, classic typography, vintage artisan techniques and illustrative designs, are used in making this design.


Everyone would love receiving delicious wine as gift. Whether it is a birthday celebration, wedding, baby shower, retirement, graduation, or any other day, you can make it special with a personalized wine bottle! All these above-mentioned advantages of personalized wine tags are simply priceless. So, the next time you are planning to gift wine to your special one, don’t forget to make it personalized with exemplary printing services.

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