Looking to Launch an App? Crowdfund Your Way Through!

Nearly every entrepreneur spins their business and service offerings into an app these days. And why not? Every consumer and customer in the modern world wants to be able to do their tasks on the go, right from their mobile devices. The average urban working adult will have at least ten apps on their phone, that doesn’t involve a social media network.

Few people can find the time or the patience to sit at a desktop if not at work. It started with buying groceries, electronics, food and books and today, you can do just about anything on a mobile application, including looking for life partners and seeing a therapist!

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch an app for your product, welcome aboard.

How do you get started on building an app?

However simple it may sound to get your business minimized into an app, there are various expenses and processes involved. Many entrepreneurs have been known to switch to crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru to afford these expenses.

First you’ll need to ideate the use of the app; who will use this app and what for? Once you’ve got the uses figured out, you’ll need to sketch out your own ideas first and hire a UI/UX designer who will help you figure out the aesthetics to ensure a smooth experience, from how the home-screen will look to what kind of buttons will be displayed and where they’ll lead.

The next step is to hire coders to build the app, after which you’ll carry out multiple rounds of testings and get in touch with your coders to fix errors.

When you are confident that your app looks and feels ready to be launched, that’s when you hire your marketers to spread the word!

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru let you collect small contributions from a large population of people towards a cause or a project you’re working on. You begin by writing a detailed, attractive appeal or fundraiser story including a break-up of how you’ll be using the funds you raise, decide a goal amount and then launch your fundraiser. Your appeal must emphasize on why you’re launching the app, whom it’ll be benefiting and most importantly, why you can’t afford the costs yourself.

Once your fundraiser is launched, you begin making personal appeals through social media messages, phone calls and emails. Start with family and friends and ensure their donations come through during the first few hours after your fundraiser goes live as no donor is attracted by a fundraiser that’s been empty for a few days.

Tips and tricks to get you more donors

  1. Since your cause isn’t nonprofit or medical, which are the kind of causes donors tend to give without expecting anything in return, consider offering rewards. You can offer small rewards like shoutouts or thank you notes or offer to let your donors use the app for free.
  1. Approach small-scale social media pages that talk about the kind of industry you specialize in and ask them to give your fundraiser a shoutout. These can be in the form of Instagram swipe-up stories and Facebook posts.
  1. Infiltrate groups, lists, conversations and forums on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. Talk about your cause and chances are, at least a few people will show an interest.

Begin raising funds with a crowdfunding India website today!