How A Good Logo Design Can Instantly Improve Your Brand Recognition

Nike, Shell, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. What is that one thing you find common among all these brands despite their leadership level in respective niches they operate into? Well, it’s but the uniqueness of their logos. You can identify these companies’ logos even from hundreds of images without any hassle.

Do you think it is just coincidence that they’ve unique logos that are different from rest of the companies?  Well, it’s not. These brands and dozens of other brands which have made a mark for themselves work relentlessly on their logo designs just to improve their brand recognition. As a business owner, you can also take the help of a firm having knowledge of business logo design and get the same results. Here is how a good logo design can help you with brand identity-

Logo & Brand Identity

Even before you can lure customers with your products and services, they’ll get to see your logo and based on that they will judge you in their minds. It’s those first three seconds that will determine whether they find you unique or just another one of those hundreds of companies they ignore. This is the reason why when you think about companies like Apple and Google, the first thing that comes to your mind is their logos. You can also follow the same strategic move and create a unique brand identity for your company.

Logo Color & Buying Decisions

According to studies, more than 84% consumers think of color as the biggest reason why they purchase any particular product in the online or offline market. So, it’s your job at the time of logo creation to ensure that it has the right set and perfect ratio of colors that can prompt users to buy your products. One mistake at this moment can ruin the entire experience.

Brand Image Presentation Is Important

Recently a research was conducted which revealed that 45% of a brand’s image is directly affected by what it says and how it says it. In today’s digital era when it has become almost impossible to hide anything from consumers, none of your logo text goes unnoticed. So, make sure you choose appropriate text content for your logo.

While a good logo design can boost your brand image, an ugly logo design can ruin it within seconds. If you don’t want to experience negative effects on your brand image, then get the best possible logo designed for your business.