How to Choose the Right Daily Field Reporting Software

The importance of on-field daily reporting on construction cannot be overemphasized. There is a need for proper documentation of on-site activities such as staff reports, work done, progress of the project and so on and so forth. It even includes documentation the daily weather that the project is being done under. Daily reporting helps clients, supervisors, executives and any other interested persons to monitor the progress of the project. However, it is important to note that there are many different daily field reporting software out there, but one should look for software that has all the characteristics that make field reporting easier and better. A good example is the 1st Incident Reporting tool recently developed to help.

There are several elements that have to be documented daily on a project site. These elements include date and time, equipment and materials on site, condition of the project, and daily visitor to the project. This may include investors, clients, supervisors or executives.  

The details of the incidents need to be properly documented including the nature of the incident. The number of persons that have been affected by the incident, the possible damages caused by the incident, the effect of the incident on the workflow, where, when and how the incident happened.

There are several things to look out for before choosing the right software. The first things are adequate features that constitute a good software. Some of the features are the ability to track equipment, track delivery schedule, attachments to emails, dictation, attach pictures, field notes and information on staff hours. The right software should be capable of tracking date, location, time and weather automatically.

On a project site, it is important that the documentation software should allow for mobility as a construction manager or supervisor would often need to move around and note down instant observations. This means that the software should not only be available for laptops which are bulky to carry around but should also be able to be used on tablets. A good project reporting software should not also burn deep holes in the pockets, and they should also be able to upload all the notes to the cloud.