6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Printer

A printer is one of the important electronic devices that are required in an organization or business firm for the printing of letters, bills, memos and other necessary documents. A little research is required so as to ascertain the features of the various options of printers and deliberately making the correct choice. Below are 10 common mistakes to avoid when purchasing a printer:

#1: Size

It is imperative to research through the Printware website to check for the accurate dimension and weight of the list of available printers so as to make the right choice that would perfectly fit the space available to house the printer. What looks like a nice portable printer based on their appearance on the website, can turn out to be too big and beasty.

#2: Failure to Make Consultations

To guide your decision when purchasing a printer, it is better to consult an expert who is proficient with the technical-know-how of different types of printers and their distinguishing features. This could ease you of the stress of finding the perfect printer from numerous lists of available options on the Printware website.

#3: Purchasing Cheap Printers

It is better to buy expensive new printers with low running cost than choosing cheaper fairly used ones that seem to perform same functional requirement because over time the cost of managing the cheap one can turn out to exceed the initial amount you need to purchase the new one. Consider the durability and efficiency rather than cost. 123ink.ca is a great place to look for a good and reliable printer that won’t break the wallet.

#4: Lack of Duplex Units

Mono-duplex printers can be slow and money-wasting because it is tedious and gives lower output especially when double-sided documents are printed. For quick and efficient productivity, consider printers with duplex unit which helps save your time and money and minimize the paper usage.

#5: No Connectivity/ Wi-Fi

Modern day businesses and organizations share documents for faster processing of information, and printers with wireless connectivity promote fast sharing of files from different applications and software such as the apple mobile device for easy printing.

#6: Software Compatibility

It would be a big error to purchase a printer that does not suit your IT setup. Therefore, it is advisable you do a little research on the type of operating systems the printers can work with to determine if it is suitable to match your existing setup.