4 tips to make your friendships last in time

 Friends are those life partners that we choose to share our moments with. Who wants to live a life without friends? There are several studies that confirm the fact that our social and friendly relationships have clear and direct influence on our psychological well-being. So, we’re happier if we have friends around, something logical.

But there are studies that go a little further, and leaving aside the psychological well-being venture to investigate the connection between our friends and our physical health. In fact, they found a statistical relationship between the networks of friends that a person has and the longevity of his life.

Friends are therefore a source of joy and longevity. However, either due to age or to the dynamics of our society, as our lives progress we tend to lock ourselves in our closest circle, leaving aside most of our friends.

In this post we are going to give you 4 tips to keep your friends for a long time. Because we all want to be accompanied by good and great friends throughout our lives.

Don’t be spiteful

A friendship that lasts for many years will obviously involve good and bad times. It’s impossible not to have disagreements and anger moments in a long-term relationship. The key is knowing how to overcome them, forgiving and forgetting them.

Resentment will not help you overcome these obstacles and if you allow yourself to be carried by this feeling it’s possible that your relationship will end up being broken because of some stupid fact without major importance. If you want a relationship to progress in time, it’s crucial to know how to forgive and forget. Remember that resentment is one of the greatest enemies of friendship.

Keep good accounts

Sad as it may seem, many friendships are broken by economic arguments. It’s normal to lend money, share expenses, etc. among good friends. But it is also important to keep good accounts in order to avoid imbalances and possible disputes.

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Friendship by definition is sincerity and honesty. We can have many social relationships and meet a lot of people but friends will be only those with whom we are totally transparent. Those people to whom we tell everything we think and feel openly.

Sincerity is something that may cost you at first but once you begin to practice it you will see how good it feels. The only way to really connect with your friends is by opening yourself.

Don’t expect too much

Here you have a helpful tip to finish, keep your expectations low. What does this mean? No matter how close you are to a friend, don’t assign great responsibilities or demands. Don’t expect anything from him, that way anything you receive will be welcomed.

It’s normal that sometimes your friend will be too busy and won’t make it to be there for you. If you get used to having low expectations, you will find it easier.

These are just 4 tips to have a long lasting friendships. Can you think of anyone else?